Hearing Aid Products

If you are found to have a hearing loss, once we have diagnosed the problem, there are many different types of hearing devices available and we’ll help you improve your lifestyle by choosing the best system for your hearing impairment. Selecting the right device is the first step. Degree of the hearing loss, power and options requirements, manual dexterity abilities, cost factors, and cosmetic concerns are some of the factors that will determine the style the patient will use. Dr. Johnson will help you select the model that is most appropriate for you. He will take into consideration the type of hearing loss you have, your lifestyle, and your budget.

If necessary, our staff will take a custom impression of your ear and form the mold[s] for your hearing aid[s]. These type of devices usually take from one to two weeks to complete. We’ll then schedule a series of visits to fit and test the device in your ear.

At Oregon Hearing Solutions, we provide a complete line of hearing aids, batteries, and accessories. We also offer assistive listening devices for telephones, television, personal listening/alerting systems. Many of our products come with warranties and many repairs or services can be completed in-house by our competent dispensing staff.


Hear better and remember more with less effort.

Oticon Hearing Aids and Accessories


When your hearing aids adapt to every sound automatically, life is on.

Hearing Aids by Phonak


Hearing aids that adapt to you instead of making you adapt to them.

ReSound LiNX2 Hearing Aids


Connect to every soundscape naturally and easily.

Rexton Hearing Aids


(Formerly Siemens) Hear better with less effort.

Signia Carat Hearing Aid


Everyday sounds better.

Sonic Hearing Aids


Designed to enhance the way you listen to music, watch TV, and talk on the phone.


Provides speech clarity and noise comfort in any situation.

Unitron Moxi Hearing Aids


Life without Limits.

Widex Hearing Aids